Abstraction Exhibition Now Open

Really thrilled to attend the opening of Abstraction at Sunny Bank Mills yesterday. This is an exhibition I am in with two other artists, Alison Britton-Paterson and Julia Burns. The exhibition runs until 27 August. Our work differs but we all have an abstract approach to painting which the gallery describes far better than I can.... "Abstraction brings together three artists all working with paint.....Their abstract works use a visual language of shape, form colour and line to create compositions which both exist independently from visual references in the world and still relate to it; allowing the viewer to bring their own interpretation which can change depending on time, place and mood in which the painting is seen" The paintings I have included were all made during Autumn 2015-Spring 2016. I think they all work well together as I was exploring scaling up on canvas some smaller works on paper made that autumn. The smaller works were taken from some sketching I made in Weardale and I hope the end results describe some of the drama of that place. I wanted to apply the paint techniques I was using then onto a larger scale. My approach I would essentially describe as a balance between reality and feeling. I am conscious that, although I look at landscape, I am also within it and this, for me, means painting what is experienced as well as what is seen. I am aware that in my work that there is a tension between trying to achieve detached observation whilst at the same time engaging with the experience - looking and being; distance and closeness. This approach has revealed itself in my work as a movement back and forth between loose figuration and increasing abstraction. My paintings are not intended to be copies of what I see. Rather, they are an exploration of my awareness of being in the world and an attempt to find a balance between abstraction and representation which will express this. I have put some photos together of the exhibition in this fantastic venue which I hope will entice you to visit!  

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